Let’s talk a little about our superior quality & supima cotton.

After all, it’s one of the most important reasons that Mercer + Westwood’s Men’s Essentials undershirt is a cut above the rest.

Mercer + Westwood's Superior Quality Supima Cotton

What is Supima cotton? It’s a superior type of cotton grown in the USA and also a very rare type since it represents just 1% of all cotton grown in the world.

The biggest difference between Supima Cotton and regular cotton is the length of their fibers: Supima cotton fiber is about a half-inch longer than regular cotton fibers. Shorter cotton fibers produce yarn that’s rougher and more likely to pile up on the surface (such as bunching up on the surface of an undershirt).

Longer fibers, meanwhile, add strength and softness to apparel, making them more comfortable to wear while resisting piling over time. Supima cotton is twice as strong as regular cotton and resists pulling and tearing, which makes for a longer-lasting product. Moreover, there are no special washing instructions with Supima products – simply care for them the same as you would for regular cotton.

When you consider all of the positive attributes of Supima cotton, it’s no surprise that Mercer + Westwood’s Men’s Essential undershirts would end up on the list. They’re made of 100% Supima, which means you’ll get a lightweight, comfortable undershirt that will last a long time.

Mercer + Westwood is at the higher end of men’s fashion, and their undershirts are a great example of the company’s quality products. You’re not just paying for the Mercer + Westwood label, but also for a finely-constructed undershirt that runs true to size and won’t shrink the first time you wash it.

The Men’s Essentials package come with three tag-free V-neck tees with short sleeves and Mercer + Westwood’s distinctive outside label M+W logo (On the back of your t-shirt). You can get purchase a 3-pack in a variety of colors – white, black, and grey – or a 3-pack of a single color.

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