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Let’s talk a little about our superior quality & supima cotton.

After all, it’s one of the most important reasons that Mercer + Westwood’s Men’s Essentials undershirt is a cut above the rest. What is Supima cotton? It’s a superior type of cotton grown in the USA and also a very rare type since it represents just 1% of all cotton grown in the world. The biggest difference between Supima Cotton and regular cotton is the length of their fibers: Supima cotton fiber is about a half-inch longer than regular cotton fibers. Shorter cotton fibers produce yarn that’s rougher and more likely to pile up on the surface (such as bunching up on the surface of an undershirt). Longer fibers, meanwhile, add strength and softness to apparel, making them more comfortable...

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Storytelling is timeless. Express Your Story With Mercer+Westwood' Storytelling Printed Items..

If we consider storytelling as an art then, as Leo Tolstoy said, it should be utterly infectious, where it infects the viewer with the feelings he or she has lived through, so that other people are infected in turn by these experiences. The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ itself justifies the art of visual storytelling, however this doesn’t mean all photographs narrate a story.

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Mercer + Westwood does bohemian glamor & elegance !

No brand does bohemian glamor and elegance quite like Mercer + Westwood. Mercer + Westwood  creates quality basics that you’ll want to wear every day. The collections have a cool, relaxed feel that’s evocative of the brand’s New York City roots. Mercer + Westwood ‘s eponymous line is centred around chic, minimalist basics. We especially love the printed blouses, high-waisted denim and ruffled turtlenecks.  Look out for the subtle details and modern shapes that make Mercer + Westwood unique.

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Mercer + Westwood gives funding to education programs

There is not a day that goes by that we don’t think about children and the underserved in need. Alone we can’t change the entire world, but we can make a huge impact together.We are obsessed with our t-shirts, but we’re also impressed with how much Mercer + Westwood gives back to the environment. From the packaging to the way we source our all materials, Mercer + Westwood is eco-conscious, and also donates their dollars to education programs and initiatives.Every purchase of a Mercer + Westwood's t-shirt is reshaping and redesigning the stories of hundreds of girls domestically and internationally by providing education empowerment and holistic programs.

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